About Enigma Studios

Enigma Studios


 I would like to begin by introducing myself. My name is Jay Santos, I  am a freelance graphic designer. I discovered computers at an early age and always had a love for art. Further, I started  exploring and  incorporating  my imagination into my art and discovered that they could be computer generated. I instantly fell in love. In due time I decided to take on the persona Enigma as a form of relaxation and freedom from all that surrounds me as music takes people away. Through researches of programs to many failed  experiments, I became better at perfecting my work and decided to pursue what has always been my dream full time. 

    Enigma Studios was started in late 2009, as it has now blossomed into more then I expected. This persona: Enigma not only  incorporated  all that I  love but also helped me develop the confidence and ability to make something I felt was just a dream to reality. Enigma Studios is  a graphic art based studio. The services include creating templates for business cards, flyers, and printed material. Printing services is currently unavailable however will be available in the near future.

 Thank you,

    Jay Santos